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Introduction to Windows Forensics Series - Windows Forensics Videos

Learn basic to intermediate Windows forensic analysis concepts, including evidence of program execution, log file analysis, USB device forensics, anti-forensics, and more.

Introduction to Memory Forensics Series - Memory Forensics Videos

Learn how to analyze Windows memory images to look for suspicious processes, analyze DLLs, review network-related artifacts, detect code injection and process hollowing, dump processes and files, and more.

Introduction to Malware Analysis Series - Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering Videos

Learn the basics of reversing Windows binaries, analyzing malicious documents, and fundamental Windows malware analysis concepts.

13Cubed Shorts - Digital Forensics Videos

Quick videos providing a high-level overview of a topic. These episodes are usually between 5 to 10 minutes in length.

Other Digital Forensics Episodes & Specials

Hashcat and other pen testing episodes, product reviews, and other special content that doesn't fit anywhere else.

All 13Cubed YouTube Digital Forensics Series

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